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Recently there have been so many enquiries on how a company can maintain their own website without having to rely on part timers or web designers. Even though this is not a new issue to highlight, however many companies are still risking their business websites by not having their websites 'insured'.

'Insured' here simply means own a copy of the critical files for future alteration or re-installation in case of emergencies.

  • Artwork original source files (photoshop, flash..) for future artwork modification just in case the web designer is no more in business. This are standard files whereby any designer knows well.
  • Website program or database files (html, javascripts, php, css, mysql..) to enable other programmer to make slight amendment for you when the original programmer changed his number.
  • Website Emergency Recovery File - to enable the original website to be reinstalled in "minutes" when you decide to switch web hosting company, or after your website being damaged seriously by unknown hacker..
These are the critical files your part time designer or freelancer never disclose to you. Remember, you need to ask for these files upon completion of your website. For us, it has long been our standard practice to hand it over to you in CD at the end of web design process. Don't ever lose your website again !

Launching of new e-commerce website focusing on low cost online shopping cart and e-commerce solution for Malaysian small businesses and starters. With pricing started at RM799, we believe this is the cheapest and most complete ecommerce package in Malaysia. Although this is an E-commerce software integrated within a CMS website package, however the system was built with user-friendliness in mind and no doubt it can be learned up by a non-technical person within less than 1 hour.

Shop Owner can :

  • upload multiple products images, update pricing & product details by themselves.
  • update page menus and content text + photos.
  • change the website colors with the 16 theme colors selector.
  • conduct seasonal product discount.
  • feature special products or new arrivals at the front page.
  • add additional side links / small advertisements
  • add animated flash promotional banners
  • create multiple product categories and sub categories
  • view, print and update orders online
  • accept credit card payment online via Paypal, iPay88 or NBePAY gateway.
  • set delivery charges to various locations in Malaysia or overseas.
  • and many more..
Training, original software & website source code and full installable website backup copy will be provided as our way of protecting the customers from losing their valuable website in case of any unwanted incidents.

published on 6-mar-2010.

More companies are now trusting our web designs :

and there are more in progress. We shall update them once ready.

As for e-commerce online payment, we are now appointed the authorized reseller of in the Northern Region. With ipay88 integrated into our e-commerce system, you will be able to receive payment in Ringgit Malaysia from :

  • Credit Card - Visa & Master
  • Direct Local Bank Debit Online : Maybank2u, PBeBank, AmOnline, CIMB Online, RHB Online, Alliance Online, Hong Leong Online, Bank Islam Online
  • Mobile Wallet
  • FPX Realtime Payment
This is definitely an added advantage to your busuness as your buyers do not have to fax or sms you payment details any more ! You can now receive notification from iPay88 once any of the above payment is confirmed. Weekly settlement. The payment will be credited into your company's bank account within 5 working days upon each week's settlement. Currently ipay88 charges 1-time signup fee RM468, monthly RM68 and 3% from each transaction. Visit for more details.

published on 30-06-2008

Since after we introduce the VTC Concept on all our latest corporate websites, many companies have received their first online enquiries from their website not long after we re-structured and launched it. Just have a quick update on the Google Ranking for these 2 new websites and

New Site 1 :  - provide hot dip galvanizing for steel & metal for long lasting protection
Search in  : hot dip malaysia (pg1), galvanizing malaysia (pg1), steel galvanizing malaysia (pg1)..
Search in  : and click pages from malaysia :  galvanizing (pg1), hot dip (pg1), hot dip galvanizing (pg1), galvanize (pg1), steel galvanizing (pg1), galvanizing process (pg1).. 

New Site 2 :  - supply & service forklift, reach trucks, pallet trucks in Northern Malaysia.
Search in  : forklift penang (pg1), rent forklift penang (pg1), electric forklift penang (pg1), reach truck penang (pg1), forklift rental penang (pg1), forklift service penang (pg1)..
Search in  : and click pages from malaysia :  rent forklift (pg2), electric forklift (pg2), reach truck (pg1), nichiyu forklift (pg1), counter balanced (pg1)..
Impressive ? The power of VTC ! What's VTC anyway ? VTC stands for Visible, Trust & Contact - 3 steps on how the website can turn your web visitors into customers ! First we make your website highly visible on the search engines or in other words higher ranking on specific keywords. When the visitors land on your website, the first impression is important. We design your website in such a way that will make the visitors feel comfortable, easy browsing for information and trust your business. Once the confidence level raised , it is likely that your visitors will contact you for further details. The rest is yours. Treat the prospects well and they can be your customers.

How to apply the VTC ? Well, leave this headache matter to us. Let our web specialist scratches his head, not yours.

published on 22-03-2008

Year 2008 is the year where more businesses are going online because...

  • open more opportunities internationally - through search engines listing.
  • easy for products browsing and updating - eliminating the work of faxing catalogue.
  • easy for existing clients to place order.
  • making use the website to represent the company virtually.
  • follow the trend - other companies already have websites, why don't ours ?
Designing a website is easy, it can be done by a part timers or any graphic designers. However people forgets what website is all about ! It is not just a piece of design to impress others, or a book of company profile and content text to let others understand your company, or a piece of flash animation for showing off the designer's skill, but it is your vital tools to pull more opportunities in and to convert those opportunities into real businesses.

In order to achieve that, your website must meet these 3 basic criteria :

  • be highly visible on the largest search engines like Google & Yahoo for popular "keywords" that people will use to look for the specific products or services online. We feel that this is the DRIVING FORCE and the most important of all for a business website rather than the website design itself. Please weigh by yourself, which is more important -- "a very impressive website but having very low visibility in search engine" or "be found on the first page of Google for certain popular keywords but having just a moderate level of web design" ?
  • make the prospects feel comfortable and trusting your content and services. This is an important point in order to convert your prospects (who have landed on your website through the search engines) into real customers. At this point, impress the prospect with design is insufficient, let the prospect believe that you are very trustful is the critical point to proceed with business relationship.
  • fast & easy to browse for information. We feel that finding information shouldn't take more than 2 clicks. The best is one can find the information from the first page itself. This is what "1-Click-Access" is all about. The prospect can easily obtain any information (contact details, products info, services, your location or anything) with maximum 2 clicks away. Once the prospects are satisfy, it is likely that they will contact you for further details.
This is actually a logical cycle of business deal conducted through the web. First, the prospect come to know your product / service from the keyword search on search engine. Second, your web is designed so professionally that create the trust in the prospect. Finally, the prospect decided to browse further for more information and details to see if you can provide what he want. Once satisfy, the prospect will contact you for further deal. The rest are minor factors that support these 3 criteria.

Unfortunately most people think the other way round -- "My website must be so creative and impressive, then only will it attract more people to come, see and read." What is the driving force here ? The design ? How do a prospect know the existence of your website in the first hand ? Think carefully... that's why many companies do not enjoy the benefits from their online business ! They have either reversed the logic or they engaged "graphic designer" to do the job.

A Graphic Designer can design a very impressive piece of artwork, this is definitely true. A Web Designer can produce a piece of beautiful artwork plus information blended into the HTML codes for web publishing, this is also 100% right. A Professional Web Designer can provide you what a web designer can produce plus 3 basic values to turn your website into a vital tools for real business.

Paying RM500 (cheap) for a so-called "for show" website created by an ordinary graphic designer / part timer is worth your investment ? or paying RM2k to 4k for a value added website created by professional is worth your money ?

Decision is yours ... See real business and actions here :

Site 1 :  - supplying industrial tapes especially Kapton tapes, polyimide tapes etc..
Search in  : kapton tape supplier (1st pg), polyimide tape supplier (1st pg), esd poyimide tapes (3rd pg), teflon tape supplier (2nd pg), etc..many
Search in  : and click pages from malaysia :  polyimide tape (1st pg), kapton tape (2nd pg), teflon tape (2nd pg), and many more..
Site 2 :  - manufacturer of pop ice / soft jelly
Search in  : pop ice manufacturer (1st pg), ice pop manufacturer (1st pg), soft jelly manufacturer (1st pg), soft jelly (1st pg), ice jelly manufacturer (1st pg)...
Search in  will even get more top 1 results.
Search in  : ice pop manufacturer (1st pg)
Site 4 :  - well known "Salute Brand" packed instant coffee
Search in  : penang instant coffee (1st pg).
(actually this site is not intended for listing)
Site 5 :  - penang event management company
Search in  : penang event management (1st pg), penang event company (1st pg), organize event in penang (1st pg),
Search in  : penang event management (1st pg), penang event company (2nd pg)Site 6 : - well-known long distance national express and vip bus service provider

Search in  : express bus (1st pg), vip bus (pg 2), express bus ticket (pg 1), vip bus ticket (pg 1), penang express bus (pg 1)
Search in  : express bus (1st pg), vip bus (pg 1), vip bus ticket (pg 1), express bus ticket (pg 1), penang express bus (pg 1), kl express bus (pg 1).
As for our own website , you will find more than 20 top 1 page in Google / / Yahoo.
Details are listed clearly in our news section below dated 19-01-08.
This is not to impress you, but it is a reality. Again decision is yours..
published on 04-03-08

Happy new year 2008 to all Malaysian, especially those in Penang.

We are so excited that as of today, our Google's Page Rank (PR) has been raised from 3 to 5 within just a few months of participation in link creation activities. Together with positive SEO techniques, it has bring a new high ranking in (Malaysia category) in many web design & ecommerce related search keywords. This is great because besides getting free web site promotion, our web design clients are automatically beneficial from the linking effect.

Those keywords are : ecommerce website (pg1), shopping cart (pg1), ecommerce (pg2), ecommerce web design (pg1), ecommerce web site (pg1), web design (pg2), website design (pg2), online ecommerce (pg1), ecommerce shopping cart (pg1), ecommerce shopping (pg1), web designer (pg1), flash web design (pg1), web design company (pg1), flash web designer (pg1), ecommerce web (pg1), corporate web design (pg1), online credit card payment (pg1), online credit card (pg1), online solution (pg2), online payment solution (pg1), online web solution (pg1), web design service (pg1), online web store (pg1).

In (Malaysia search) : web designer (pg2), web design company (pg2), flash web designer (pg1), flash web design (pg1), ecommerce (pg2), online ecommerce (pg2), ecommerce website (pg2), ecommerce web site (pg1), ecommerce shopping (pg2), ecommerce store (pg1), online web store (pg1), online credit card (pg2), ecommerce store (pg1), corporate web design (pg2).

Although we are satisfied with the performance, we never stop improving our web ranking. We always strive to outperform others in the same field so that our clients will have more confidence in our web design and web ranking services. When we gain high PR, so do our existing clients. It is just a matter of time. Just trust us, and keep supporting us, that's all we ask.

We are introducing a few advance services this year for corporate customers especially the SMIs, manufacturers, exporters and factories that require higher redundancy in email and web services, and will be updated on our website soon. We are introducing more values added features into our web design (business package) so that the website that we built brings more benefits to our client. We want to be recognized as high standard web designer rather than cheap web designer.

As for ecommerce web store, we are forecasting that it will be the most demanding web services in 2008 as more and more retailers are aware of the benefits to go and sell online. People are looking for more opportunities, and to provide convenience to their existing clients to purchase online. We are introducing more features into the existing ecommerce package like Reward points systems, self-changeable flash-like auto-rotating photos display, self-updatable seasonal promotion banners, photo enlarge with beautiful light box effect and etc..

We hope that with these improvement, our web design packages will be more attractive and value for money.

published on 19-01-2008

Merry Christmas and a big thank you for your support, our 2-in-1 online ecommerce website and web store management system limited offer package ends today as we have achieved the 10th customer. The offer will not be extended, instead we have launched a low cost new year end and new year LITE version Ecommerce website offer valids till 29-feb-2008.

We have a reason to launch this low cost Lite version Ecommerce Website - to bring down the cost for ecommerce beginner. It only contains all the basic features (lesser than previous offered version) you need to operate an online shopping mall or shop. However we will be adding more optional features at separate charges so that only those who need will pay for it. From the feedback we received, these basic features are sufficient to sell products online.

Ecommerce is definitely our future way of doing business. With this low cost offer, we are so eager to see huge responses from Penang product retailers.

published on 21-12-2007

Last call for 2-in-1 online ecommerce website and web store management system limited offer package ! Last 1 pack remaining as at today 30-11-2007. This offer will not be continued after finishing the last pack.

Despite receiving many enquiries on the ecommerce website and web store management system, and also shopping cart and online credit card payment, many Penang retailers are still very conservative and are reluctant to invest that little amount of money in the online ecommerce website. As we are here to promote Penang ecommerce website and to encourage local retailer to go online, we will keep on reviewing and identify to cause of the low confirmation rate.

We will be launching soon 2 versions of online ecommerce website and web store management system - Lite and PRO. Lite version comes with little features and standard design but at very low cost to meet the budget of low cost retailer. The PRO version is the enhanced version of current 2-in-1 online ecommerce website and web store management system and comes with high quality design and enriched features to meet the requirement of retailer looking for advanced features and design.

published on 30-11-2007

Since the news of Paypal withdrawal from Malaysian bank account was announced on our website, we were receiving overwhelming responses from various Penang retailers regarding the ecommerce package. Besides the very special low price offer, the ecommerce package is loaded with great functionalities and useful admin features to manage your shop online, accepting orders from local and overseas customers and receive credit card payment online.

That's right Malaysians, it's time to move one step ahead ! No more excuses for not launching your products online. We have the facility now to accept and receive payment. We have the capability now to perform ecommerce ordering and transaction. We also have the affordable low cost ecommerce online system provided by Eko solution. What else do you need ? Why are you guys waiting for ? Go for nationwide, go for worldwide, go for borderless and unlimited business opportunities.

What's more ? In order to encourage Malaysians to register domain name, MYNIC has revised the maximum cap for domain name at RM80 per year only (compare to previously RM100) effective from 1st October 2007. International .com domain name is even lower - RM40 per year only.

Contact us now. We will be happy to discuss with you.

published on 27-10-2007


Do you know why we Malaysian are unable to sell products online like those in US ?

  • No online payment support from local banks - what a shame !
  • High commitment fees even though you can finally get the bank support
  • Unreasonable & plenty of rules and regulations to meet before you will be approved
  • Difficulty to withdraw money even though you manage to accept credit card online
  • High monthly fees to pay if you signup those supported payment providers
  • Need to accumulate the received money to a certain limit before it can be transferred to your bank
  • Lengthy signup approval time
Tell you what, no more such headache ! We have made Paypal the standard payment processor in our shopping cart now ! Why ? because of the following good news :

  • No sign up fee
  • No monthly fee
  • Instant approval
  • Accept major cards : Mastercard, Visa, Discover & AMEX.
  • Accept Paypal transfer from other Paypal users
  • Don't have to install expensive SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) on your server
  • Most Importantly : able to withdraw money from local bank ATM with local bank card !
In case you are still thinking that Malaysian is unable to withdraw money from Paypal, then you are seriously WRONG ! You can receive money at any time into our local banks (selected only) and use ATM card as normal to withdraw. The bank does not charge ATM withdrawal fee.

For small and new start up business with low budget in mind, we strongly recommend that you use PAYPAL to accept online credit card payment because it's free, instant signup and approval. More important - you as Malaysian can now receive money from Paypal to your local bank (selected banks only). You do not have to open US bank account or Singapore bank account or using expensive US debit card to withdraw money any more ! You can transfer the money received in Paypal to your local account at any time and withdraw using ATM machine as normal. Is that what you are looking for ?

The only set back is your client need to pay in USD currency. However this is not a big deal because we can set a currency conversion rate you fixed into the system and your price in RM will be automatically converted into USD if your client opts to pay via credit card. We do hope that in the near future Paypal will support RM as well.

So Malaysians, what are you waiting for ? Sell your online now ! Open up a new opportunity to market your products ! Don't limit your market, go borderless - go nationwide or even globally . Who knows how far your products can go... Come to the worst, it's low cost, right ? With our complete online ecommerce shopping cart system, *RM1,xxx (while offer last) is all you have to spend for your initial investment  which already includes the 1st year web server hosting fee plus free domain name and the advanced ecommerce software & installation equipped with Paypal integration to accept credit card online. As for the following years, the cost is even lower -- you pay only the web hosting fee plus small basic database maintenance fee .

How to withdraw money from Paypal to local bank ? Ooppss... Don't ask yet. We will show you the details on how you can withdraw money from Paypal to Malaysia Bank account once you place your ecommerce shopping cart order with us.

Click Here to view our Online Payment Page which accepts Credit Card & Paypal.

published on 02-10-2007